Virtually all articles posted here appeared in Elizabeth L. Bewley’s newspaper column “The Good Patient” in the Prescott, AZ Daily Courier from February 2011 through January 2016.  (A few articles appeared in special supplements to the newspaper.)  The articles describe how to evaluate choices in medical care, how to manage your own care well, and how to get help in getting good outcomes.  They are also rich in background information about why these topics can be of vital importance.
Technical Information
The articles are numbered in the order in which they appeared.  An article with a higher number will therefore contain more recent information than an article with a lower number.  That said, the vast majority of the articles contain a perspective that can be useful regardless of when they were written; they typically provide information many people are unaware of and discuss strategies people can use to get better results from health care.  Website links and similar details in the articles may be out-of-date in some cases; an online search for the relevant supplemental material will typically yield the intended results.
The articles provide general information and should not be interpreted as applicable to everyone's individual medical, legal, and/or financial situation.  To avoid potentially serious harm, consult qualified medical, legal, and/or financial professionals before making changes to your own medical, legal, and/or financial affairs, as your circumstances may differ in important ways from those in the cases that underlie the articles.