Not Your Grandmother's Nursing Home collects 40 articles that appeared in The Good Patient, my weekly column in the Daily Courier, the newspaper of one of America’s highest-rated retirement cities:  Prescott, AZ.

What is independent living like in a retirement community?

What if one spouse needs a higher level of care than the other?

Is your relative who lives in a long-term care facility getting the right care?

What does it all cost?

What can you do to make staying in your house workable for a while longer?

What experts can make moving to a retirement community seem almost easy?

Whether you unexpectedly need a crash course in retirement living and care options, are carefully planning for your future, or work in the field of senior care, the forty articles in this series can help.  They explain complex topics clearly, include plenty of examples and stories, and direct readers to ample additional resources such as checklists and service agencies.