Elizabeth L. Bewley photo

Elizabeth L. Bewley founded Pario Health Institute in 2008. PHI promotes change so that health care's purpose becomes to enable people to lead the lives they want. Too often today, health care acts as if its purpose is simply to deliver tests and treatments.

A 20-year veteran of health care icon Johnson & Johnson, Bewley won the Chairman’s Award for her unique and actionable strategic insights into the rapidly changing, volatile health care environment. Previously Vice President, Strategic Planning for a unit of Johnson & Johnson, she has held leadership roles in operations, information management, process improvement, and strategy. She served on the management boards of two Johnson & Johnson business units, and oversaw initiatives with budgets of up to $200 million.

Bewley’s first health care work, Solving America’s Health Care Problems (1996), is available for download. In it she predicted many current trends in health care nearly a decade before they started to make headlines.

A hallmark of her work is her ability to see underlying patterns that typically escape notice, and to create significant and unique insights that resonate broadly. Customers praise her for making complex and convoluted topics clear.

Bewley was recruited to serve on industry task forces of the National Quality Forum which published three CEO Survival Guides for hospital CEOs on the topics of Personal Health Records (PHR), performance measurement, and Pay for Performance (P4P). She has been recruited as an advisor to national health policy conferences and has spoken by invitation at many such events.

In 2010 Bewley authored Killer Cure: Why health care is the second leading cause of death in America and how to ensure that it's not yours. Publishers Weekly declared Killer Cure "well written" and noted that it reflects "a genuine commitment to improving health care" and that it "offers excellent suggestions to patients." In 2011, Bewley began writing the newspaper column "The Good Patient" to foster informed decision-making on the part of health care consumers.

Bewley earned an MBA from Columbia, completed subsequent graduate work in health policy, and has an undergraduate degree in Accounting/Finance from Excelsior College. She is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.