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Pario Health Institute (PHI) is a health care think tank/consulting company offering these services to both organizations and individuals:

Our solutions improve results – both outcomes and costs – for people and organizations in all roles in health care.

"Every system is perfectly designed to deliver exactly the results it gets,” as Don Berwick, founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, has often said. (Dr. Berwick now heads CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.) To improve any health care process, it is necessary to start by clarifying the purpose of the process: what it should be designed to deliver.

Two questions to help identify its purpose are:

Answering these questions about the health care system overall, it is reasonable to suppose that the primary intended beneficiaries of health care are the people who need/receive care. After all, their lives are at stake and they are the ones who need to take many of the actions needed to get good health outcomes. What do they want from health care? Most people don’t want to be patients, and view dealing with health care as an unwanted disruption; they just want to get back to their regular lives. If they have a chronic condition, dealing with it needs to be part of their normal lives.

Putting together those two answers, one might conclude that the purpose of health care would logically be to enable people to lead the lives they want. Said another way, it isn’t effective to act as if the purpose of health care is to deliver tests and treatments or to diagnose and treat disease or even to improve population health – those are goals that don’t perfectly connect to the needs and wants of the primary intended beneficiaries.